Rick's stalked by a zombie in 1st official pic from Walking Dead S4

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May 10, 2013

Production is ramping up on the fourth season of AMC’s hit zombie series The Walking Dead, and now we have our first look at Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) back in action. Not surprisingly, there’s a walker close behind.

Though it’s hard to glean much from this pic, we can tell that Rick at least looks a little bit more put together than the near-crazy version from last season. Plus, after a year spent fighting with humans, it’s nice to see a good old-fashioned zombie hanging ominously in the background here. The fourth season officially started shooting on May 6, and the pic originated on set in Atlanta, Ga.

Hopefully this is new showrunner Scott Gimple’s way of telling us they’ll be getting back to the dead-on-undead action once October rolls back around.

So while we get ready for a long, Dead-less summer, enjoy this peek at the new season to come:

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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