Ride on Mad Max: Fury Road's steampunk gas truck in 1st set pics

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

The wait for director George Miller's fourth Mad Max flick, Fury Road, has been so long that at times it sort of felt like we'd see an actual apocalyptic wasteland before we saw this movie. But the wait just got a whole lot shorter. After months of "wait for it ... wait for it ... " the film is finally shooting! Check out the first pics straight from the set.

The movie stars Tom Hardy taking over for Mel Gibson as the titular character, and will reportedly feature Max helping a group of women known as the "Five Wives" when a group of wasteland baddies tries to take down their caravan. Among the co-stars is Charlize Theron, and the flick's also reportedly a setup for still more Max adventures.

The images show us both a massive gas truck rig and the cab of a vehicle that seems filled with actresses (the "five wives," possibly). It's not much, and we still might have a long wait until we actually see the flick, but Fury Road is finally shooting! That's cause for at least a little celebration, so put on your hockey masks, grab your gas cans and cheer the beginning of a new era for Mad Max.

Check out the images below.

(Via AICN)