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This rideable, remote-controlled TIE Fighter will hunt you down, Rebel scum

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Apr 17, 2018, 4:43 PM EDT (Updated)

If you ever wanted to be a suburban Darth Vader (or Poe Dameron, if you’re taking the new films into consideration), a Nova Scotian ad-man-turned-builder has a vehicular solution for you. Allan Carver has created a 1/3-sized TIE fighter replica big enough to ride inside that hits top speeds of 6 mph and is controlled by remote.

It’s incredible. The possibilities — from riding it around campus next to the electric scooter crowd to playing TIE fighter street polo — are endless.

Just watch:

Carver writes on his website that “The Last Jedi was coming out and I just scored a bunch of electric wheelchair motors,” which led to the creation of the fighter. With a “steel tube frame covered with L200 foam on the body and 2" thick rigid insulation foam for the wings,” the audioboard and small motor made the thing go in style — with plenty of musical accompaniment. For reference, the builder used “a '70s Kenner toy for the wings and control pod scale” and “adjusted the width so it will fit through a set of double doors,” while the back of the fighter required a different toy’s look.

Speaking to SYFY WIRE, Carver says that he has even more Star Wars projects on the way. "I’m a part of the Halifax Makerspace, and the team is going to build a 6-foot long Millennium Falcon that will also be remote-controlled," Carver explained. Asked about his next vehicular creation, he said he already had a start on "an electric go-kart of the '90s animated Batmobile." Sign us up.

Though he doesn't plan to make any more TIE fighters and doesn't plan to sell the one he's already created (sorry, wannabe pilots), his "project list goes on and on." A few original projects he spoke about in particular, apart from those based on geekery we know and love, are equally awesome. "My son wants a robot, and I want an exoskeleton. So we’ll combine them," Carver said. "Also thinking about making a giant tarantula that you can sit inside and drive." Adding all that to the Imperial fleet would make for one wacky race.

The TIE fighter is so iconic that it was represented in The Last Jedi and will be in the upcoming Solo film, even if they’re not slowly tooling around Canadian driveways and backroads. That said, if there’s ever Rebel scum in your, say, grocery store parking lot, one Nova Scotian now has a way to eradicate them.