Ridiculous Star Trek pitch from latest Breaking Bad ep gets animated

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Aug 12, 2013

Breaking Bad is probably the best show about horrible people in bad situations you'll ever see. So how the heck did Star Trek sneak into an episode? 

As the show winds down its final season, people have been wondering what they'll see in the last episodes of Breaking Bad. But, I'd be willing to wager that one thing they did not expect is Star Trek.

So, in the midst of last night's episode, Badger busts out this completely absurd "script" he has in his head that he just needs to write down -- for Star Trek. Yes, the original series. The story is about a pie-eating contest. And whatever place you think the story goes from there? You're wrong. 

Animator Matt Czap has already turned the speech into an animated short, and it's suitably insane.

I can't tell if the moral of the story is "Don't mess with transporters" or "Don't do drugs," but, either way, it's a good lesson — and it's one we should all keep in mind.

Point of order, though: Tulaberries? Gamma Quadrant? That's not Voyager! It's Deep Space Nine. Meth or not, try to keep up, fellas.

(via The Mary Sue)

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