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Ridley Scott considering plans to connect Ripley into Alien prequel films

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Jul 11, 2017

Ridley Scott’s run of Alien prequel films is bumping up to within a couple decades of the first Alien, and it sounds like he’s already brainstorming ideas to loop the character of Ellen Ripley back into the fold to bring it full circle.

In a recent interview, Scott said it’d probably be two films out until he was able to start tying Ripley (or Ripley’s mother) into the story. Katherine Waterston’s Daniels was briefly considered to be Ripley’s mother, though Scott vetoed that idea to make Daniels a different character. For those crunching the numbers, Covenant takes place in 2103, which puts it 19 years before the events of the first Alien — so it’s certainly possible Scott could get there relatively soon.

Here’s an excerpt from his comments:

“Well we’re heading towards the back end of the first Alien, so that may be feasible, but… Ripley’s going to be somebody’s daughter, obviously, because you’re coming in from the back end, right? And you know, the time constraints between this film where we leave David going off tending for that colony. I think you’re probably two films out from even considering her, he’s going to go ‘oh no.’”

Judging by what Scott says here, it seems the next film could follow David (Michael Fassbender) as he goes to wreak havoc on that new colony (a journey that’s expected to take around 6-7 years, so that'll certainly move the timeframe forward), so maybe the movie after that? Depending on what Scott does here, he’ll need to tread carefully, because one thing that made Ripley so great was that she was a fish out of water in this insane situation. If Scott builds that backstory out so much that it ties Ripley’s family into the Alien mythos, it could get a bit too convoluted.

What do you think? Do we need to see Ripley’s family explored in these prequels?

(Via Bloody Disgusting)

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