Ridley Scott explains why he doesn't want xenomorphs in Prometheus 2

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Sep 24, 2014, 5:52 PM EDT

Ridley Scott's Prometheus sequel will apparently be missing a particular alien creature.

Though its story still divides critics and fans, Scott's prequel to the Alien franchise earned enough worldwide in 2012 to get a chance to make the sequel set up by its ending. As promised by the interviews and promos leading up to the film's release, Prometheus largely dealt with explaining who or what the iconic "Space Jockey" from Alien was, how it got there and what it wanted, and in the process it gave us the Engineers, an apparently malevolent race that will likely play a central role in the sequel.

The film also, in true prequel fashion, gave us an early version of Alien's iconic "xenomorph" creature, and from the looks of things it still had a bit of evolving to do before the crew of the Nostromo discovered it in Alien years later. The plot of Prometheus 2 seems pre-set to focus mostly on the Engineers once again, but what about the further development of the xenomorph? Do we get to see that too?

In a new interview, Scott seemed to put to rest any chance that the xenomorphs will return, and he's got a very good reason for that: He tried to revive them in Prometheus, and it didn't work.

“The beast is done. Cooked,” he said. “I got lucky meeting [designer H.R.] Giger all those years ago. It’s very hard to repeat that. I just happen to be the one who forced it through because they said it’s obscene. They didn’t want to do it and I said, ‘I want to do it, it’s fantastic’. But after four (he has conveniently forgotten the ‘AvP’ movies), I think it wears out a little bit. There’s only so much snarling you can do. I think you’ve got to come back with something more interesting. And I think we’ve found the next step. I thought the Engineers were quite a good start.”

As for when we might finally see the next step in the story of the Engineers and what they're all about, Scott noted that the script is still being worked on (and worked on, and worked on). 

“Right now, as we speak, it’s being written,” he said. “I’ve had 15 drafts evolving. I definitely want to do that again because I really enjoyed doing Prometheus."

A lot of fans (including myself) would agree that forcing the xenomorph (or at least its ancestor) in at the end of Prometheus wasn't the best decision, so it's nice to hear Scott making peace with that. But what about the Engineers? Will they hold your interest in the sequel?

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