Ridley Scott not wasting time to prep next Alien movie

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May 9, 2017, 8:00 PM EDT

The Alien: Covenant director seems intent on getting more movies in the franchise out as quickly as possible.

We're still about a week and a half away from Alien: Covenant's arrival in theaters, and Ridley Scott is already planning ahead for the seventh film in the series (not including those two Alien vs. Predator hot messes). He told IGN UK:

"We’re writing [a sequel] now, as we speak. I’ll be filming that within 14 months."

Wow. There was a five-year gap between 2012's Prometheus, Scott's last excursion into this universe, and next week's Alien: Covenant, but if Scott's prediction of a 2018 shoot holds true, we could see the next entry in theaters just two years from now.

Of course, a lot could happen before then. For one thing, Scott has a number of other projects on his plate -- including crime dramas All the Money in the World and The Cartel -- and work on one of those could delay his getting behind the camera for the next Alien feature.

There is also the possibility that Alien: Covenant could tank, or at least underperform at the box office, which might make the studio (Fox) reluctant to pony up the big bucks necessary to make another one so quickly. Early reviews have leaned positive, although having seen the movie, I suspect that a lot more negative buzz will be coming at it soon enough.

If all goes according to plan, however, there's a good chance you'll see Alien VII (or whatever it ends up being called -- Alien: Awakening was one possible title, but that seems to have been just a rumor) in theaters sometime during the summer of 2019.

Do you want to see more Alien movies at a faster rate? Even if you are disappointed in Alien: Covenant, will that put you off future entries in the series?

(via Collider)