Ridley Scott gives update on those Blade Runner and Prometheus sequels

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Aug 25, 2014

Does Ridley Scott ever sleep? He's got some news to share on two of his biggest upcoming films.

As the seemingly tireless 76-year-old director gears up to release one movie this December (Exodus: Gods & Kings) and start production on another in November (The Martian), he's given EW a brief update on a pair of the many other projects on his plate -- the planned sequels to Blade Runner and Prometheus.

Speaking about Blade Runner 2, Scott made a joking reference to Harrison Ford's recent injury on the Star Wars Episode VII set while confirming that the script is finished, saying, "It’s written, and it’s damn good. Of course it involves Harrison, who is a survivor after all these years -- despite the accident. So yes, that will happen.” 

Ford, of course, never confirms his involvement in anything until the last minute, but the fact that the script is written and that Rick Deckard returns must mean Scott is pretty confident that his star will come back for the sequel.

As for Prometheus, we've been hearing rumblings for a while now that a script is underway, and Scott confirmed that too, saying, "That’s the problem. I’ve got a lot of ducks in a row. But they’re all written.”

Where either script takes the story is anyone's guess, but both present certain challenges. The Blade Runner sequel has to follow in the footsteps of one of the most iconic and influential sci-fi films of all time, while Prometheus 2 has to repair the damage done by its predecessor, a movie that many felt was gorgeous to look at and full of potential greatness -- only to be let down by a terrible screenplay.

As for his next immediate project, The Martian, Scott is delving into sci-fi again -- although this time on a level closer to, say, Gravity, as Matt Damon plays an astronaut stranded and left for dead on the red planet after a brutal storm. Scott explained, "It’s like Robinson Crusoe -- if you were marooned or shipwrecked, how do you survive?”

We'll find out in November 2015. While we wait, start telling us below what you want to see from those Blade Runner and Prometheus sequels, because according to their director, they're really happening.

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