Ridley Scott to destroy Britain in new pseudo-doc disaster pic

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Dec 17, 2012

Not merely content to follow up his classic franchises like Blade Runner and Alien, sci-fi guru Ridley Scott is now lining up a good old-fashioned disaster film. Great Britain, look out—Sir Ridley is coming for you next.

Scott and his co-writing pal Steve Zaillian (American Gangster) have signed on to reimagine the 2003 British pseudo-documentary The Day Britain Stopped, which followed a fictional train crash and how it eventually took down the country's entire transportation grid.

This being Ridley Scott, he's aiming a bit bigger for his adaptation—with a global disaster that has worldwide implications reportedly at the center of the film.

The original used a pretty compelling pseudo-documentary style to follow the events, and if done right, this could turn into a pretty unique approach to the classic disaster movie model.

What do you think? Would you watch Ridley Scott destroy England' (and the world's) transportation system?

(Via /Film)