Ridley Scott's dream project, Forever War, finally gets its writer

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Jan 14, 2013, 1:38 PM EST

Ridley Scott is responsible for two of the most important sci-fi films ever made—Alien and Blade Runner. His return to the Alien franchise, Prometheus, may have seen a mixed response, but that doesn't make us any less excited that the book he most wanted to make a film of has finally found a screenwriter.

The Forever War, a novel written by Joe Haldeman, is the kind of fiction that practically screams for a film adaptation. It's got space, it's got war, it's got an overwhelming feeling of discontinuity and ennui ... so basically it's right in Scott's sweet spot.

The concept for The Forever War is basically a sci-fi take on the Vietnam War. In this case, it centers on one soldier, William Mandella, who is part of an elite fighting force pitted against the alien Taurans. He's conscripted into war against his will, but somehow winds up being the longest living solider. That long life is extended by time dilation. Mandella lives to see not only the very change of the evolution of the human race, but also the full result of an unnecessary war.

It's pretty grim, but thankfully they've found a writer who seems spot-on for the task. D.W. Harper has just come off a Tom Cruise picture, All You Need Is Kill, which also centers on a soldier who has to deal with the passage of time in an abnormal way.

Considering that Ridley Scott has wanted to make this for 25 years, it's exciting to see the film finally take an important step forward.

What do you think? Worth checking out?

(via Deadline)

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