"Riker Googling" gives us more of the Riker we know and are embarrassed to love

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May 7, 2014, 10:58 AM EDT

The best Riker is a slightly pervy Riker.

If there was a job whose description was "Find new and exciting ways to confirm that Commander William Thomas Riker is a dirty bird," I would apply. I'd be a Riker writer, technically. A Technical Riker Writer.

Fortunately, my present job aboard the USS Enterprise NCC-1701D, farting around on the Internet sometimes means getting into the mind of Riker and his tendency towards Kirking it up with the alien ladies. It's just like that TNG episode, Frame of Mind, except nothing like that, and with Twitter.

That's right! There's a new Twitter account in town called Riker Googling, which, in addition to being exacty what you think it is and really, really funny if you are a Next Gen dweeb (aka everybody), is also a great way of distracting yourself from the crushing inevitablity of death.

What's that? You want to try before you buy? Well, I mean, Twitter is free, but have it your way -- enjoy this Shades of Gray style clip show!

Yup. Exactly what you'd expect to find from the guy who brought an '80s future Oculus Rift addictive sex game on board the Enterprise and nearly got everyone killed as a result. Sure, he's an infamous chair-humper, but he's Troi's Imzadi -- and we love him, too.

Let's just hope he isn't googling any of this stuff while helming the Titan.

(via Uproxx)