Rip into this rowdy new trailer for Aussie sci-fi thriller The Osiris Child

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Apr 11, 2017, 1:54 PM EDT

After making the festival circuit last year, director Shane Abbess' The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One is finally making its way to theaters in the Land Down Under.

This kitchen-sink-style, all cliches aboard, indie sci-fi flick from Australia has a genuine love of the genre and it shows, with ample amounts of space stations, colonized planets, futuristic hand cannons, starship dogfights, alien lizards, bizarre cantinas, and a sci-fi prison with robot guards. With such a cinematic smorgasbord to sample, what's not to like? The trailer's tone is semi-serious, and there's a load of fun to be had with its free-for-all approach, which shamelessly contains hints of everything from Star Wars and Firefly to Damnation Alley, Pitch Black, and Battlestar Galactica tossed in.

Here's the official synopsis:

Set in the future in a time of interplanetary colonisation, Sy (Kellan Lutz), a mysterious drifter, meets Kane (Daniel MacPherson), a lieutenant working for an off-world military contractor, EXOR. The unlikely pair must work together to rescue Kane’s young daughter (Teagan Croft) and reach safety amid an impending global crisis which was brought on by EXOR itself. Teaming up with a pair of renegades (Luke Ford and Isabel Lucas), Kane and Sy clash with EXOR in an attempt to escape while battling the savage creatures that roam the barren planet.

Though derivative in many obvious ways, it has its geeky charms, and I hope it gets some sort of distribution deal here in America. Take a look at the impressive trailer below and tell us if this looks like a perfect popcorn movie.

Also starring Temuera Morrison and Rachel Griffiths, The Osiris Child opens later this month.

(Via io9)