Rip turns evil, Ray fights a rat and the Legends of Tomorrow save America in latest episode

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for "Turncoat," the latest episode of The CW's Legends of Tomorrow!

The short version: The Legion of Doom has turned Rip evil, so he sets a trap for the Legends by killing George Washington. Rip almost kills Sara and Jax almost kills Rip. Mick becomes BFFs with George Washington. Oh, and Ray gets stuck in tiny mode and is almost eaten by a rat. It's awesome.

The good: Evil Rip, Jax in charge, Ray vs. rat, Revolutionary Rory

When the Legion of Doom restored Rip's memories last week, they also reprogrammed him to be evil (because there's obviously an "Evil" setting to crank up when reinstalling someone's mind). And boy, is he evil. Evil Rip is a stone-cold killer with ice pumping through his veins, and Arthur Darvill absolutely kills it. Seriously, it's hard to believe this is the same guy who played the lovable (and still great) Rory on Doctor Who just a few years ago. Dude has range. Evil Rip ransacks the Waverider, puts a bullet in Sara and literally kills her later (thankfully, Gideon is awesome and can quite easily resurrect the dead now) and makes off with the Spear of Destiny. And looks cool as hell doing it.

Since Sara was sidelined with a bullet in her chest, she puts Jax in charge of the team during her absence. An interesting decision, though it ultimately proves to be the right one (well, mostly). It's easy to forget Jax was just a washed-up quarterback a couple of years ago on The Flash, but he's been through a lot the past two seasons — so when all hell is breaking loose around him, he manages to stay one step ahead of Evil Rip for most of the episode. Jax is a resourceful guy and he stepped right into that leadership role quite smoothly.

Jax also got a chance to touch on his own dark side, hunting down Rip after he believes Sara is dead. Jax is out for blood and comes about this close to pulling the trigger and putting Rip down for good (or, you know, until a super computer resurrects him in the eleventh hour, because TV). It was a great moment for Jax and having Sara pull him back from the edge was a testament to how much she's grown as a leader this season. Though, c'mon, Jax has almost certainly killed some evil lackey (even by accident) at some point by now, right? I mean, dude is blasting nuclear radiation at people.

Ray spends the episode mostly stuck in his tiny form, and though the set-up was mind-numbingly obvious, it was still crazy fun to have his big hero's moment come against a rat in the air vents. It was so ridiculous and felt like something pulled straight out of Ant-Man (in a good way). Rory is a tough nut to crack at times, but teaming him up with George Washington in this episode was the right call. His rough-and-tumble attitude is an odd fit for the gentlemanly era of the Revolutionary War but he still manages to rub off on the general a bit. And, umm, he may have introduced the idea of guerrilla warfare a bit earlier than usual ...

Other good stuff: Mick's intro voiceover was the best one yet. Just let him do it every week.

The bad: Nate and Amaya (somewhat), Sara would've totally bled out, right?


Despite pushing the boundaries of time and space, Legends can't seem to let go of the apparent requirement of shoehorning in some relationship drama each season. Last year we had literally everyone pining over Hawkgirl and this year we have Nate hooking up with Amaya. Yes, they actually do have a bit of chemistry, but the timing just seems weird here. As Amaya points out, they're in the middle of a time-sensitive mission. Maybe save the canoodling for a bit later? They seemed to put the simmering love affair on the back burner by episode's end, so maybe they'll leave it there and get back to the wacky action. With such an ensemble-focused show, they've really struggled to make romance work on this ship. Maybe just hang it up and lean into what's working?

Rip shoots Sara in the gut, and then they have to carry her over to the ship, and Stein spends quite a bit of time wringing his hands and reading medical books before pulling out the bullet. By this point, she'd have totally bled out, right? Like, when she was first shot, there was a whole lot of blood pouring out of her. And Stein doesn't seem to exactly be a master surgeon.

Line of the night:

"Yes. Yes I do." - Rory

Lingering questions

So, Jax and Sara catch up to Rip while he's making his escape and they still just let him mosey off into the sunset with the Spear of Destiny? Jax has the gun on him. If he doesn't want to kill him, why not just shoot him in the leg? Or at least do something to prevent him from just walking away with this insanely powerful artifact that he's immediately going to give to Eobard Thawne. So the big question is what will Thawne do now that he's getting the Spear together? Best guess is he'll rewrite reality in a way that the Black Flash is no longer hunting him. And [INSERT EVIL PLAN] to kill the Flash.

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