R.I.P.D. + M.I.B. video mash-up reveals they have a LOT in common

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Jul 17, 2013, 5:58 PM EDT

With R.I.P.D. set to open this week, it's natural to compare the movie with the Men in Black franchise, with even a pinch of Burton's Beetlejuice tossed in.

Here's a video that sets up scenes side by side between R.I.P.D. and Men in Black so you can sigh and shout at how alike they really are. Both were born out of the comic-book world and employ the same cliched supernatural buddy-cop formula first seen in 1988's Dead Heat, starring SNL's Joe Piscopo and Treat Williams.

Have a look at the video here and decide for yourself ... What do you think?

Is it R.I.P.D. in Black, or all just a big coincidence?

(Via Next Movie)