River Song to meet two more Doctors in new series of Doctor Who audio dramas

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Nov 1, 2017, 1:51 PM EDT

Hello, sweeties. River Song is back for at least three new series of Big Finish audio adventures, in which she’ll meet two more incarnations of the Doctor. The Diary of River Song Series 3 will see Alex Kingston (who was recently cast in A Discovery of Witches) reprise the role of the Doctor’s wife for a new set of timey wimey adventures.

Having previously met the Doctor’s Eight incarnation (played by Paul McGann) in Series 1, and Doctors number Six (Colin Baker) and Seven (Sylvester McCoy) in the second set of audio adventures, River will be on a collision course with Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor for Series 3, and Tom Baker’s beloved Fourth incarnation for Series 4.

While details about River’s adventures with Doctor Number Five have been released, Big Finish is keeping mum (at least, for now) about her encounter with the Fourth Doctor — including a release date.

The third series of four hour-long adventures will see Davison's Doctor face off against Madame Kovarian (Frances Barber), who has strong ties to River Song and first appeared in the Season 6 episode of Doctor Who, “Day of the Moon.” Check out the official synopses unveiled by Big Finish:

3.1 – The Lady in the Lake by Nev Fountain
On Terminus Prime, clients choose their own means of demise. Something exciting, meaningful, or heroic to end it all. But when River discovers that there are repeat customers, she knows something more is going on. She begins to uncover a cult with worrying abilities. Its members can apparently cheat death, and that’s not all they have in common with River…

3.2 – A Requiem for the Doctor by Jac Rayner
River has joined the Doctor and his friend Brooke on their travels, and they stop off in 18th-century Vienna. Brooke thinks history is dull. Until people start dying. Mozart’s legacy is not just his music. River has more than one mystery to solve before a killer is let loose on the people of Vienna — and on the Doctor.

3.3 – My Dinner with Andrew by John Dorney
Welcome, Mesdames et Messieurs, to The Bumptious Gastropod. The most exclusive, most discreet dining experience outside the universe. For the restaurant exists beyond spacetime itself, and the usual rules of causality do not apply. Anything could happen. It is here that the Doctor has a date. With River Song. And with death.

3.4 – The Furies by Matt Fitton
Stories of the Furies abound across the cosmos: vengeful spirits hounding guilty souls to death. Madame Kovarian taught them to a child raised in fear, trained to kill, and placed inside a spacesuit. Kovarian knows the universe’s greatest threat. The Doctor must be eliminated. An assassin was created for that purpose. But if Melody Pond has failed, Kovarian will simply have to try again…

The Diary of River Song Series 3 will be available in January 2018. Are you excited about River meeting the Fourth and Fifth Doctors?

(via Big Finish)