River Song as a Doctor Who companion? Matt Smith says NO

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Dec 15, 2012

If you're like us and you luuurve the mysterious River Song (Alex Kingston) on Doctor Who and would love to see her as a more permanent fixture in the Doctor's TARDIS and life, you may be out of luck. Why? Because Matt Smith doesn't think that should happen.

Don't get him wrong: Matt Smith loves the feisty, scene-stealing archaeologist, but he thinks that her character is actually too special and independent to make her a full-time companion in the Doctor's travels through time and space, saying that the move to full-time companionship would make River Song (recently revealed as Melody Pond—Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill)'s daughter—in ''A Good Man Goes to War'') less special. And he may have a point.

"I think River's too independent to ever be a full-time companion," Smith says. ''That's what makes River great as a character. ... The companions and the Doctor are doing their thing, then whoosh—in comes the hair. It just messes the Doctor up."

River Song is a character not unlike another of Steven Moffat's creation: namely Torchwood's Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman).

Both are mysterious characters with complex backgrounds that have yet to be fully investigated and discovered, and what makes them so special on Doctor Who is that they sweep in and out of the Doctor's life, never being permanent fixtures. Every time they show up, we get excited, because we know something special's gonna happen.

We do love River Song, but if you were to put her full-time in the TARDIS, she'd probably lose most of her mystique. Plus there'd probably be quite a bit of bickering between her and our favorite Time Lord. And smooching (not that we'd actually mind that last part, really).

So what do you guys think—would you love to see River Song as a full-time companion to the Doctor? Or do you agree with Matt Smith, and say no to a full-time companionship?

In the meantime, however, get ready to speculate on River Song's future, since the title for the last episode of season six is [spoilers] ''The Wedding of River Song.'' Dum dum dum.

(via The Sun)

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