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Riverdale images offer first look at Jughead's mom and sister

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Dec 3, 2018

One of the more exciting developments in the already super-twisty Archie soap Riverdale is that Jughead’s sister and mom would be showing up in Season 3. Respectively played by Trinity Likins and Gina Gershon, Jellybean and Gladys were announced to join the show back at New York Comic Con, and now fans have the chance to get a look at the non-Skeet Ulrich family of Jughead.

New images from the pair’s debut episode, “Outbreak”, were posted by The CW, showing off the Toledo scrapyard tough girls. Archie and Jughead have made their way to them, leaving Riverdale behind because it’s even crazier than usual, finding the intimidating Serpents waiting for them. But family’s family, what can you do?

Check them out:

The Jones family just can’t be normal, with Jellybean aka JB being her mother’s daughter while Gladys channels some Sons of Anarchy flavor with her fashion choices.

As the hunt for the Gargoyle King continues and murders upon murders are investigated by these teens, a little family reunion should be the least dramatic part of the show. We have a feeling that’s somehow not going to be true.

Riverdale will introduce Jughead’s mom and sister when “Outbreak” airs on Dec. 12.

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