Riverdale unveils throwback looks as cast play their characters' parents

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Oct 16, 2018, 12:29 PM EDT

After teasing fans for what seems like an eternity, Riverdale has finally unveiled the first look at its cast playing their own parents in an upcoming flashback episode for Season 3. And welcome back to Must See TV, because The CW is taking audiences all the way back to the ‘90s. The episode involves a mysterious death that echoes one that's happened in the town’s present, hinting at a dark, generational secret that has carried on until the Gargoyle King’s reign.

Gryphons & Gargoyles players are dropping like flies and it’s up to these high schoolers to crack the case — with the help of wardrobes full of flannel and denim, courtesy of this sneak peek from Entertainment Weekly. Take a look at Lili Reinhart’s bad-girl take on Alice in "The Midnight Club” (the first and certainly not the last reference to The Breakfast Club in the episode, featuring a guest spot from Anthony Michael Hall):

That second picture just screams John Hughes.

But these actors seem to have slipped right into the roles of their characters’ parents, even if that means altering them slightly. Camila Mendes’ Hermione Lodge seems to have changed a lot, that’s for sure. That said, Cole Sprouse’s FP looks very similar to his adult counterpart and the school doesn’t seem to have changed too much — though the “End Apartheid” graffiti may be gone by now.

Riverdale’s “The Mightnight Club” airs on Nov. 7 on The CW.