Riverdale races toward tragedy in upcoming Archie Comics story

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:16 AM EDT (Updated)

If there’s one thing Archie Andrews seems incapable of doing, it’s saying no to a clearly bad idea. Whether it’s trying to date several girls at once in the pages of his classic comics or banging his music teacher in his CW television show, Archie is the perpetual yes-man. Unfortunately for Archie, bad ideas sometimes have even worse consequences, and he’s about to find that out the hard way in an upcoming storyline of his eponymous comic book.

In the story Over the Edge, taking place in issues #20-21 of the reinvented Archie, the lovable redhead will take up the challenge of eternal bully Reggie Mantle in a drag race — and as a result, someone will die.

"Up until now, Archie and his pals have led fairly untroubled, normal lives," writer Mark Waid told EW. "Suddenly, in one horrifying instant, that all changes when one of the kids looks death in the eye — and death doesn't blink."

It's unknown which of Riverdale's iconic kids will be biting the dust, but it could be anyone. Reggie is the obvious choice, but a careless driver could easily take out a bystander. Betty and Veronica, Jughead and Moose are all pictured on one cover, and it looks like Cheryl Blossom will be calling it, so any of them could be in the line of fire. This wouldn't even be the first time Archie himself has died, with an adult version of the character having been killed saving the life of Kevin Keller in 2014’s Life with Archie #36.

The story begins May 17 with Archie #20, followed by #21 on June 21, written by Mark Waid with art by Pete Woods and Jack Morelli. The former features covers by Woods, Elliot Fernandez and Greg Smallwood, and the latter will have covers by Matthew Dow Smith, Thomas Pitilli and Smallwood, all of which can be seen in the gallery below.

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