Riverdale: A strange figure haunts the town in creepy new footage from Season 3

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Aug 29, 2018, 5:35 PM EDT

A little more than a month after the first footage from Season 3 debuted at Comic-Con, Riverdale has released a new promo, and we should definitely prepared for some creepy new threats come October.

The hit CW drama based on the characters in, and world of, Archie Comics has always had one foot firmly in horror storytelling territory, but some storylines embrace that more than others. Sometimes you get the mafia machinations of the Lodge families, other times you get the Black Hood. With Season 3, though, the show is poised to veer even further into the creepy through the introduction of what would seem to be a cult.

Remember Betty's sister Polly, who early in Season 2 left to live at a place we only know as "The Farm," and then returned at the end of the season to offer her mother Alice some kind of emotional support help that only The Farm could give? Well, that Comic-Con footage teased that The Farm is about more than just support and stability, and the new promo released Wednesday by E! News leans into the element even more.

Yes, there's other new footage to focus on, including angry Archie in his jail cell, Moose and Kevin continuing their relationship, Alice and F.P. in bed together, and Veronica going toe-to-toe with her father, but the real centerpiece is the strange masked figure with horns and wings made of branches, and then of course the final shot of Jughead screaming for help as he discovers a body at a bone-strewn altar of some kind. Check it out:

So, what is The Farm really all about, what is this cult, and how much will it freak out Riverdale and its residents — who can't seem to catch a break — this season? We'll find out when Riverdale returns Oct. 10 on The CW.