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Riverdale teases wedding, The Breakfast Club-inspired episodes at TCA 2018

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Aug 6, 2018, 4:13 PM EDT

The madness that is the mafia-infested, drug-trafficking, mayoral-racing teen sensation Riverdale isn’t anywhere near its close — and its creatives have plenty of tricks up their sleeves for audiences. That’s what fans found out at today’s TCA presentation for The CW in Bevery Hills, during which the cast and executive producers of the soapy, murder-filled world talked about the upcoming Season 3.

First, we have to check in with the redheaded center of the town: Archie. When Archie’s father Fred finds out his son has joined the mafia, well, he likely takes it in as much stride as the rest of the show’s off-the-rails twists. Of the revelation, Fred portrayer Luke Perry said, “Your proudest day as a parent is your son is a made man. [Laughs]. It’s going to be interesting when [Fred] gets that information.” The actor continued, “We get a good look at a small town and people like him, who raises his son the best way he can, and then other people who aren’t. It’s great we see both sides of this town.”

Executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa had more, lighter details to spill for the upcoming season. “One thing we haven’t had on Riverdale yet is a wedding episode, but it might be in the offering with an ex-mayor and a certain ex-sheriff,” Aguirre-Sacasa teased. This statement refers to Tom Keller and Sierra McCoy, the two adulterous political figures in the community who cheated on their spouses with each other — a love story fitting for Riverdale, if nowhere else.

"We would love to do an episode where we just follow the parents and the kids are on the fringe," Aguirre-Sacasa continued. "This is very much a show about the sins of the parents falling on their kids and repeating cycles."

Speaking of kids, what about that flashback episode in which the kids play their parents?

"Throughout the years we’ve talked about backstory and we reveal a little more. We are having a big flashback episode, Episode 4, called 'The Midnight Club,' which is our riff on The Breakfast Club," said Aguirre-Sacasa. "We’re going to learn about a really dark secret the parents have been keeping since they were in high school."

Indeed, Riverdale reveals yet another dark secret. Enough of the sunshine and rainbows. But the homage will certainly allow its actors to flex their nostalgic, referential chops while providing plenty of expertly set-designed GIFs for fans' enjoyment.

Riverdale returns on Oct. 10.

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