Jingle Jangle

Riverdale's Jingle Jangle drug not available at Trader Joe's, they promise

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Mar 26, 2021, 11:03 PM EDT (Updated)

The pixie stick-packaged recreational drug spreading far and wide throughout The CW’s Riverdale has a festive enough name, Jingle Jangle, but you won’t find it sold at your local grocer for the holidays.

The sexy Archie show’s plot-driving drug problem shares a name not only with “an old track released on an Archies album in 1970” that once topped Canadian charts, according to CBR, but with a tasty chocolate-covered snack medley from Trader Joe’s.

Jingle Jangle


Now, in the show, Jingle Jangle has traveled from Southside High’s Ghoulies all the way to the right side of the tracks at Northside High, which you’d imagine would have a location of the hip grocery store. However, as Vulture’s Madison Malone Kircher discovered after pursuing this line of inquiry, the “mix of pretzels, caramel corn, cookies, and peanut-butter cups predates the show.” Obvious similarities in addictiveness between the sugar bombs and the illegal fictional powder notwithstanding, of course.

A representative of Trader Joe’s responded to the shared names by saying that Jingle Jangle is “just a fun name that plays off of sleigh bells referenced in Christmas carols, since it is a holiday item. It’s also a fun way to describe the sound customers might hear when they give the tin can a shake.”

The real world seems safe from the encroachment of the Archie universe’s teen soap opera, but it remains vulnerable to eccentrically named snack foods.