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Rob Liefeld on his iteration of Dove coming to TV in DC Universe's Titans

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Oct 5, 2018, 1:23 PM EDT

We're a week out from the general release of DC Universe's Titans, which, aside from bringing us the first live-action version of the Teen Titans, will introduce the vigilante duo of Hank Hall/Hawk (Alan Ritchson) and Dawn Granger/Dove (Minka Kelly).  

While these characters were originally created by Steve Ditko and Steve Skeates in the late 1960s, the iteration of Dove in Titans was actually co-created by none other than Rob Liefeld, the legendary comic book artist and creator, who helped bring us Deadpool and Image Comics. He birthed this version of Dove with former husband and wife team, Karl Kesel and Barbara Kesel in the late '90s. 

However, Liefeld wasn't informed beforehand that his creation would be introduced to the world of television. 

"I read it in the press like the rest of you, I'm doing pretty good in the casting world. All my creations have great talent. I have not misfired yet," he told SYFY WIRE on the Titans red carpet in New York City. "But, I'm gonna tell you, Geoff Johns, I've known [him] for 20 years, and he always told me how much he loved Hawk and Dove, and he wrote a lot of Hawk and Dove, [and] I believe him. But he showed me, about 6 weeks before the world saw it, he showed me the costume tests of Minka and Allen. And he's like, 'I just wanted you to know how much we nailed this.' I'm like, 'OH MY GOSH!' He goes, 'Also, do not show anyone on threat of murder.'"

Touching a bit on her dynamic in relation to the rest of the Titans, he said:

"She's like the sage. The whole thing is order and peace chose her is not just to balance out Hawk and his chaos, but the chaos in the world. And you can see, as a mentor to Robin, she's like a Yoda of the group. She's not only a badass who could take you out, she's extremely intelligent and balanced."

When we finally caught up with Minka Kelly, she told us a little about Dove's relationship with Hawk, which isn't the healthiest in this superheroic world. 

"I love the relationship between Hawk and Dove, just because it's a very co-dependent relationship and I know that relationship very well. I've been there in my own life, so I have a deep compassion and empathy for these two [characters]," she said. "I think that it's such a great thing for a show like this, in particular, to go into why these characters are who they are. I love learning about their origin stories, which we get to do later on in the series, and I just love that we get to be a show like this, but that it's a bit more grown up and a bit deeper and darker and grittier, like none of the other [comic book shows] you've ever seen." 

Ritchson echoed Kelly's sentiments by discussing Hank's fathomless love for Dawn and his need to be with her. 

"Hawk is an unfiltered mess," he said. "He's somebody who speaks his mind, and you know how he feels pretty much all the time. I think my favorite kind of person ... Unlike most guys, who would be fine with any girl, Hawk is obsessed with Dove. You get the right away that he would die without her and it makes their relationship really unique and special ... [Minka Kelly] just has as essence about her. She's very Dove. She's Dawn. She's this very zen human."

When you see the second episode in which these two heroes are introduced, you're gonna want to see a lot more of them. Trust us on that. 

"Hawk and Dove need to have their own show, we can go on record right now," Liefeld said. "They're the breakout characters here."

Titans premieres on the DC Universe streaming service next Friday, Oct. 12. For our spoiler-y recap of the show's world premiere and first two episodes, click here

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