Rob Liefeld pays tribute to Deadpool-Bob Ross while Funko teases toy version

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Nov 16, 2017

Rob Liefeld is certainly high on the splendor of his seminal comic book character's brilliant marketing forays.

At the same time 20th Century Fox dropped a Deadpool sequel teaser on Wednesday that saw the Merc With the Mouth doing his best Bob Ross impression, Deadpool's creator offered up a sketch of the gag on his Instagram account to celebrate the trailer's release.

"Hugs, Not Drugs Kids," quips Deadpool, donning Ross' trademark afro, in the drawing.

Of course, the same can't be said for our (anti-)hero.

Four million viewers and counting have viewed the clip, which finds star Ryan Reynolds back in his signature role as Deadpool hilariously parodying a Bob Ross episode with a version of his own titled "Gettin' Wet on Wet with Deadpool 2." And of course, the Regenerating Degenerate paints a few landscapes of his own, including a snowy scene that evokes his drug of choice (cocaine, natch).


The trailer then offers up some quick cuts of explosive action from the eagerly awaited followup, being referred to on 20th Century Fox's website as The Untitled Deadpool Sequel, which, knowing how much the filmmakers love to spoof Hollywood superhero flicks, in all likelihood will be the official title.

Also getting in on the Bob Ross love is toymaker Funko, which teased its own funky figure based on the Deadpool-Ross hybrid -- this one holding up a different picaresque winter wonderland.

No word yet on whether Funko will actually be selling the figue, but c'mon, you know that thing will almost certainly show up somewhere.

Liefeld subsequently posted his own take on the Funko toy, with the figure on the right putting Ross' bearded head on Deadpool's superhero body.

As the artist himself notes, "The Mind Boggles."

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