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Rob Liefeld teases another Deadpool cartoon could be in the works at Marvel

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Jan 2, 2019, 10:20 PM EST

Deadpool has had quite a banner year on the big screen.

The movie sequel to the character's 2016 big-screen debut, Deadpool 2, racked up close to $750 million at the global box office and launched its very own Oscar campaign. The R-rated film was then distilled into a PG-13 version, had some scenes with Fred Savage thrown in, and was re-released over the holidays as Once Upon a Deadpool.

Still, the Merc With a Mouth hasn't been able to replicate his popularity on the small screen, though not for lack of trying. However, Rob Liefeld says that this could all change at some point.

Talking to Nerdist, the Deadpool co-creator said that an unnamed Marvel executive told him, "Don’t worry, Robert, we’re going to give you a Deadpool cartoon."

Liefeld also said this came with "no inside information," so there's no real guarantee that this idea will make it out of development and eventually to fruition.

It would make sense to try a Deadpool cartoon, though, especially after the recent debacle behind Donald Glover's adult-oriented animated series for FXX. The cartoon was first announced back in May of 2017, and was given a 10-episode order. Unfortunately, by March of this year, the series was dead in the water due to "creative differences." Later that month, Glover tweeted out a fake Deadpool script that addressed the cancellation in true meta fashion.

There is the question as to where this hypothetical animated series would land. FXX and FX are owned by Fox, but will officially become part of Disney sometime very soon. It's still possible it could end up on one of those less kid-friendly networks, especially considering that their upcoming streaming service, Disney+, will maintain the company's "family-friendly" brand, which Deadpool doesn't exactly jibe with.

Not only that, but as Fox is absorbed by Disney, Marvel is now tasked with figuring out how to integrate Deadpool, along with the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, into the larger MCU. It's possible that an animated series could help work the character into the existing continuity while they settle on a tone that will make both Deadpool fans and Disney executives happy.

Again, we're just speculating at this point, but Liefeld does sound optimistic, and it's certainly fun to imagine what could come of all this. Would you be interested in a Deadpool animated series? Let us know in the comments.