Rob Thomas on the changes between the comic and TV versions of DC's iZombie

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Mar 3, 2015, 2:58 PM EST

Though The CW’s upcoming series iZombie seems to have stayed close to the visual style of the comic that inspired it, the show does make some changes — and producer Rob Thomas is here to explain why.

Thomas (Veronica Mars) was guest of honor on a new episode of DC All Access, where he chatted about his take on the comic and how they’re adapting the concept for the small screen. He said they’ve gone to great length to “pay homage” to the comic book throughout the show, though they did make some major changes in regard to the world-building aspects.

Basically: They simplified the supernatural world surrounding the show by wiping out a lot of the other supernatural aspects of the comic (i.e. werewolves, etc.), mostly to stay away from territory already mined by shows like Being Human and True Blood. Honestly, it’s probably a smart move, and keeps the universe of iZombie more focused and fresh to pitch the concept to viewers:

“We did change some things, and part of it had to do with other shows on the air. In the comic book, there are all sorts of monsters, but that HBO show True Blood was already doing the all the monsters. And there's also like a vampire/werewolf/ghost show. So I wanted to stay out of that territory. Then, I’ll be honest, I like virus-caused zombies, as opposed to ‘supernatural, curse of a pharaoh’ type zombies. I know its weird I have to believe in fake science instead of fake supernatural stuff when I write, but that’s just kind of a personal taste thing…

I think the other shows, zombies are the bad guys. they’re who you’re running away form. We certainly have some zombie bad guys, buy the lead of our show is a zombie. The zombie is the hero in this one. She normally can maintain a pretty sane state, but if she fails to keep eating brains, or something sets her adrenaline off, she can go into what she refers to as ‘full on zombie.’”

Check out the full interview below and let us know what you think:

iZombie premieres March 17 on The CW.

(Via DC All Access, Comic Book)