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Rob Thomas talks iZombie's (limited) future: 'Not everyone is going to be happy with the new direction.'

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May 29, 2018, 1:45 PM EDT

Last night’s season finale for iZombie has built up a whole lot of intrigue and expectations for its upcoming fifth and final season. And with Season 4 now in the rearview, iZombie showrunner Rob Thomas discussed the resulting fallout and how that will shape the show’s limited future. 

Although he doesn’t "have the Season 5 story mapped out yet," Thomas warned fans in an interview with TV Line: “Not everyone is going to be happy with the new direction.” 

Specifically, he’s referring to the fact that there are parties within Fillmore Graves who may still be loyal to Chase and could lash out at Major and Liv, which Thomas says is “absolutely something that we will play” in the forthcoming final season.

**Spoilers for iZombie below**

With Chase Graves offing Levon via guillotine in the Season 4 finale, “And He Shall Be a Good Man,” (and Liv in turn decapitating Chase), yet another boyfriend for Liv kicked the bucket. Although this could cause some major psychological damage to Liv, Thomas noted that “since everyone knows Season 5 is our final year, it probably gives her more opportunity for happiness than previous seasons, as we wouldn’t have to pay to [add] another actor as a series regular.”

Also, the finale shows new Fillmore Graves commander Major pardoning Blaine and Don E’s debts in exchange for them expanding their brain-smuggling operation to feed Seattle’s undead population. So, another issue going forward could be the potential  repercussions of Major giving Blaine a free pass. Said Thomas: “a lot of it will depend on how successful Blaine and Don E are in feeding the city. Right now, the number one concern [for Major] is: How do we feed these zombies?”

Of course, as mentioned above, Thomas doesn’t have any specifics for the fifth and final season—and even if he did, he wouldn’t disclose them so soon after the fourth season finale. “The writers’ room opens back up in three weeks,” he explained.

(Via TV Line)

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