Rob Zombie plans Salem witch movie that will be like The Shining

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

What's hardcore horror director Rob Zombie up to now that he's changed his mind about directing that reboot of The Blob? Well, he's decided to tackle a thriller about a 300-year-old coven of witches set in contemporary Salem—and it sounds like he's taking a step back from the bleeding edge to go at it old-school.

The musician-turned-director will write the script for The Lords of Salem while on his upcoming concert tour, and as he told Deadline Hollywood, he wants this film to unfold slowly, and used a Stanley Kubrick classic as a comparison:

"It's so hard to make a patient movie, and if a classic like The Shining was being made now, you know some studio executive would say to cut 70 minutes out of it. ... People who've seen the director's cut of Halloween on DVD like it better, and these theatrical releases are being cut to little more than the length of a TV show."

As for why Zombie walked away from the chance to reimagine The Blob, he said that his experience with two Halloween movies taught him you just can't win remakes:

" ... when I made Halloween, everybody complained, either that it was too much like the original or too different. I like that people either love or hate what I do because it's better than being in the middle, which means forgettable. But when you do an original premise, they take it on face value and after three years of not being able to win on Halloween, I just couldn't go through that again."

Are you looking forward to Zombie returning to the screen with something original?