Robby the Robot is now the most valuable movie prop sold at auction

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Nov 22, 2017, 5:50 PM EST

At the end of October we wrote that Robby the Robot — one of our all-time favorite non-human characters — was up for auction. But even though he’s priceless to fans of the 1956 film Forbidden Planet, in which he makes his on-screen debut, it was impossible for Bonhams auction house to place an Earth dollar value on the Altair IV relic.

It turns out that he’s worth $5,375,000.

According to Bonhams, this makes Robby the most valuable movie prop ever sold.

Other items that have made auction history include the Maltese Falcon from the eponymous movie, which earned $4 million; Marilyn Monroe’s dress from The Seven-Year Itch, which earned $4.6 million; and Adam West’s iconic Batmobile, which also earned $4.6 million. (This continues the tradition of only millionaires being able to say, “To the Batmobile!”)

This particular auction didn’t only include the Michelin Man-like Robby. The lot also came with Robby’s Jeep, a control panel, an alternate head, and other Robby accoutrements.

Bonhams writes in its press release, “The saleroom at Bonhams Madison Avenue was packed, but the bidding activity was all on the phones. A four-way battle ensued, with the bids at one point leaping from $3.6 million to $4 million, before Robby—and his Jeep—finally sold for $5,375,000.”

The name of the buyer is currently unknown. But if Robby could figure out that the Id Monster was secretly Morbius, we’re certain he can determine the purchaser’s name.

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