Robert Englund declares his favorite Freddy kill of all time

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Apr 11, 2017, 4:32 PM EDT

We all have our favorite Freddy kills in the long series of fright films in the A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise, and it sparks endless debate among fans whenever the subject is broached.

With dozens of confirmed kills throughout the entire eight-movie Englund-era series, the body count is horrifyingly high, and it's a tough task to choose the best. My personal choice would be Dan's motorcycle nightmare in A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, with Freddy's iron horse coming alive and melding with Dan's body. Never dream and drive!


But what about the actor who inhabited the striped sweater and greasy fedora all those years, Robert Englund?  

At last weekend’s Monsterpalooza convention in Los Angeles, Englund participated in a Nightmare On Elm Street Q&A panel on Sunday where the horror icon shared his favorite Freddy kill ever from the franchise. Drum roll, please! It's the "Hearing Aid" death from 1991's Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, where the child murderer implants a diabolical organic device in Carlos' ear that causes a cranium-splitting headache.

Check it out with Englund's explanatory comments below, then tell us your favorite Freddy murder moment.



It’s such a Cronenberg head explosion. The guys loved doing that. But yeah, what I love is that it’s a real politically incorrect sequence, ya know. And I hate the fact… I know many, I don’t even know what the politically correct term is anymore… I don’t think it’s disabled anymore – special needs actors. Gosh, I work with actors that are in wheelchairs or have problems with their sight, and they don’t just want to play goody goody people all the time. They don’t just have to be the good guy. Or the nice guy. Or the saint. Or the martyr. They want to be bad guys and villains as well. And I love the political incorrectness of that. Freddy’s an equal opportunity serial killer. He doesn’t care if you’ve got a hearing aid. He’ll get ya. That’s my favorite Freddy kill. Because of all the ramifications for it.


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