Robert Kirkman has (distant) plans to kill Negan on The Walking Dead

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Oct 6, 2016, 8:48 PM EDT (Updated)

When Robert Kirkman isn’t producing The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead and Outcast, he’s speaking to hundreds of fans at the Skybound Walking Dead panel at New York Comic Con. And he’s telling us … not news. But there will be news.

“I’ve got a lot of projects that you’ll be hearing about next year,” Kirkman said. "I’ve got three horror shows on the air. I want to branch out.” That’s about as specific as the hard-working comic-book-writer-turned-creator would be.  However, he did joke, “I’m taking over Batman. I’m kidding. I’d rather die.”

Kirkman’s humor was running hot, sarcastic and deeply funny throughout the panel. At one point, when one audience member, an Asian woman who very much wants the character of Glenn to stay alive, told him, “Don’t make me boycott you,” he responded quickly with “I don’t fear your boycott.”

He made one more serious comment about that: “[The Walking Dead] is a book where people die all the time. If I going to keep him alive because he’s Asian, that’s racist in a different way. Sometimes people die.”

And in a less serious comment: “Whoever dies in the premiere episode on October 23 … they were dead this time last year or earlier, because we knew who it was a long time ago. So everything you’re saying [about keeping Glenn alive] is completely pointless.”

Kirkman obviously enjoys playing with the audience as much as he enjoys playing with his characters. Particularly Negan. Kirkman said he had planned on killing the character way back when. But he had enjoyed the foul-mouthed character so much that he kept him alive.

But Kirkman isn’t sentimental about the leader of the Saviors: "When I run out of ideas for Negan, I'll just kill him."

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