Robert Kirkman promises 'radical changes' for Walking Dead S4

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Jan 25, 2016, 4:21 PM EST (Updated)

Most fans were shocked with Walking Dead’s season-three finale, if only because it didn’t provide the types of answers many were expecting. So what’s in store for season four?

Spoilers ahead!

As expected, the prison will remain a major part of season four, as we last saw Rick and company bringing in trucks of Woodbury refugees to start a new (new) life. But despite the familiar backdrop, creator Robert Kirkman promises season four will be a very different beast from season three.

Namely, Rick will be facing some of the same issues the Governor dealt with in the early days, by having to lead a larger group that needs more food and supplies than their tight-knit team. Here’s hoping Rick doesn’t go completely insane, though. Speaking of insane, yes, the Governor will also continue to be a major threat next season.

Here’s how Kirkman described season four to IGN:

“A bigger group brings with it bigger problems. They are certainly going to need a lot more resources, and they already have a lot of rebuilding to do, just from the things that happened in this battle between Woodbury and the prison. I don’t think there’s going to be a shortage of conflict and danger coming into the fourth season, despite the fact that they are still in the prison...

I’ll say that there are a lot of familiar elements that are remaining. Michonne is still around, Rick and his group are still in the prison, the Governor’s still out there… so there are a lot of things that are carrying over from Season 3 to Season 4, but I can’t stress how different things are going to be.

There are going to be some radical changes to those elements that are going to bring in a lot of new storytelling. While [Season 4] does seem somewhat familiar, it’s going to be vastly different from Season 3.”

It’s not much of a surprise to hear they’re eyeing some “radical” changes, as this series has thrived on reinvention with each passing season. With new threats come new characters and plot lines to mine. As long as new showrunner Scott Gimple doesn’t try to play it too safe, we should be in for a fun ride next season.

What do you think Kirkman is cooking up for later this fall?

(Via IGN)