Robert Kirkman says don't believe those Walking Dead rumors

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Dec 14, 2012

Remember all those rumors that The Walking Dead was going to use all freelance writers for its second season instead of a full-time writing staff? A source who would know says not to believe them.

In an interview with Heat Vision, Walking Dead comic-book creator Robert Kirkman said that reports of showrunner Frank Darabont using all freelancers to write the show and not having any full-time writers on the payroll are wrong. "We have a full writing staff," explained Kirkman. "There are three full-time staff writers and a freelancer: Evan Reilly [Rescue Me], Scott Gimple [FlashForward] and Angela Kang [Terriers] and one freelancer."

He added, "Darabont and [new executive producer] Glen Mazzara and myself are all working on the show. All that reporting about the writers being fired and going freelance, that was all something that never really happened." Darabont did apparently let a few people go after the hugely successful first season ended, but he elected to hire a new staff instead of going all-freelance.

As for what else to expect from the second season, which Kirkman says will start shooting in a "few weeks," he revealed ... well, not much, actually. Kirkman would neither confirm nor deny whether we'll see Michael Rooker's Merle again, nor would he say when we'll learn what Jenner (Noah Emmerich) whispered to Rick (Andrew Lincoln) in the season finale—although he said we will find out what it was.

Kirkman also said that having Stephen King and his son Joe Hill collaborate on a script for the show has "been discussed a little bit" and that everyone's "excited" about it, but would not definitively say whether it's happening.

There's more in the interview from Kirkman on other comic-book adaptations coming to TV, so it's worth a read. But in the meantime, are you expecting big things from season two of The Walking Dead? What would you like to see happen in the next 13 episodes when they begin airing this fall?

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