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Robert Kirkman says Fear the Walking Dead crossover character will kick-start the show

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Feb 6, 2018, 1:26 PM EST

The fourth season of Fear the Walking Dead will open with an explicit crossover event, which The Walking Dead and Invincible honcho Robert Kirkman says has always been in the cards.

When Morgan (Lennie James) hops over from The Walking Dead to the companion series, it will link the two universes into one - a move that could shock fans, but one that the creator assures his audience has been debated since the spin-off’s creation in 2015.

In an interview with EW, Kirkman said that from the beginning of Fear the Walking Dead, “the original idea actually included some things that would eventually tie in with the other show.” Once the show was established as its own entity, it could weave back into the greater narrative.

The crux was finding the bridge between worlds. James, bringing Morgan to an entirely new cast of characters, will have lots of great stuff to do, says Kirkman, who notes that his presence among the established cast “is going to change everything for them, and give them so much more new stuff to play off of, and really change the story in an interesting way that I feel like is going to kick start that show.”

Morgan has been through...well, a lot, to say the least - which makes his character one of the deepest and fully-fleshed (no pun intended) of either show’s casts.

“I don’t want to spoil anything story-wise, but we are changing things a great deal,” Kirkman said, “It’s going to be a much different show that is not going to alienate any viewers that have been enjoying the show from season 1 to 3, but will give those people new things to love, and new characters to latch onto. It’s really going to shake things up.”

This could refer to the more peaceful bent Morgan has recently undertaken (and even more recently seen undermined), which could certainly affect his relationship with his fellow survivors.

This kick-start will become more apparent when Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC on April 15.


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