Robert Kirkman's amusing response to Walking Dead's Emmy snub

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Jul 18, 2013, 10:10 PM EDT

How does Robert Kirkman feel about his zombie series getting passed over while other major genre shows got lots of Emmy love?

The co-creator and writer of the Walking Dead comic-book series, who also serves as executive producer and sometimes writer to the hit AMC show, was at San Diego Comic-Con Thursday to celebrate The Walking Dead's 10th anniversary with a panel, and was asked what he thought about the show receiving only one Emmy nomination (for outstanding prosthetic makeup) this year, despite setting ratings records for a cable drama in its third season.

“I’ll take the ratings, I think is what I usually say,” Kirkman told the Associated Press in an interview at the Comic-Con booth set up for his Skybound comics imprint.

But Kirkman's answer wasn't just about ratings versus acclaim. He also noted that, while he certainly loves to see his own show do well, The Walking Dead is only one of many great TV series on the air right now, quite a few of which Kirkman is a fan of. 

“It’s a really great time for television,” Kirkman said. “When I hear, ‘Oh, are you upset you didn’t get nominated for an Emmy?’ I’m like, ‘Well, I don’t know, there’s Breaking Bad and Mad Men and Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire. There’s a dozen other shows that are fantastic that I really enjoy. Yeah, I kind of see. It’s really hard to pick the best 20 or so amazing television shows that are out there now. It’s a tough field to be active in, so I get it.”

So, while The Walking Dead might get that elusive Outstanding Drama Series nomination one day, for the moment Kirkman is happy to sit back and enjoy the fact that his show has so many fans.

What do you think? Did The Walking Dead get snubbed?

(Via The Washington Post)