Robert Pattinson recreates Scanners and more in 7 unsettling pics

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Dec 17, 2012

Even with the final Twilight film still on its way, Robert Pattinson is already hard at work to shed his sparkly image. He's landed a dark, violent role in David Cronenberg's upcoming film Cosmopolis, and now he's upping the ante with a photo-shoot tribute to some of Cronenberg's sci-fi classics.

The images are part of a new Premiere France spread on Pattinson, and the magazine says it was all his idea to take things to an edgier level.

"To say that he got involved in the making of the photoshoot is an euphemism. The first images of Scanners and Videodrome we prepared for him as an inspiration for the future snapshots came back to us with an unexpected commentary: Rob was sorry that they weren't more daring, wanting to push all the limits with this shoot - the complete opposite of what someone in his position would have asked. Two days later, the photograph Eliot Lee Hazel and his crew - sort of strange for this kind of shoot (a special effect makeup artist, a pregnant lady ...) - met in a gloomy hotel in downtown L.A. to give the go-ahead of this shoot that lasted for exactly 13 hours."

The results are a gloomy series of images that include Pattinson sporting a Videodrome-style hole in his stomach, rocking a Scanners-style third eye and appearing in a Dead Ringers-style double image.

Check out the results of the shoot below and figure out whether you can ever forgive Pattinson for four years of broody teen vampire flicks.


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