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Robert Venditti talks Hawkman at C2E2 2019

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Mar 23, 2019, 5:16 PM EDT

After writer Robert Venditti and artist Bryan Hitch took over DC's Hawkman last year, the classic hero went back to his roots. The story follows original Hawkman Carter Hall, who is out to learn more about all the lives he's lived before.

Along the way, he's fought dinosaurs, learned about reincarnation, and had run-ins with other Silver Age standbys - now Venditti is giving fans some things to think about thanks to his recent C2E2 panel. Speaking on the SYFY WIRE Live Stage, Venditti explained that his "puzzle piece" brain was what made him the perfect creator to tackle the complex hero's continuity.

Venditti's dive into the Silver Age - particularly Hawkman's friendship with The Atom - were inspirations for the current run of the book, which aims to have a throwback feel to its adventure. After doing Green Lantern - which has been the name of so many heroes that the fandom is super-divided - Venditti wanted to tell every Hawkman story. That meant exploring so, so many reincarnations that he touched all corners of the DC universe.

"I fixed Hawkman so even an eleven-year-old can get it," Venditti said, referencing his kid's comprehension of the complex character. Venditti explained Hawkman's new status as an artifact that has lived through many cultures - an exciting new direction for the hero.

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