Robert Zemeckis developing UFO drama for History channel

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Oct 6, 2016, 6:20 PM EDT

Nearly 20 years after he first made Contact, Robert Zemeckis is getting into the extraterrestrial realm again.

According to Deadline, Zemeckis is executive-producing a new series called Blue Book that is in development at the History Channel. His company ImageMovers, along with A&E Studios, is behind the project, which is being created and written by David O'Leary.

The concept is based on the real-life Project Blue Book, a study undertaken by the United States Air Force from 1952 through 1969 to determine whether UFOs were real and whether they represented a threat to national security. After collecting and analyzing more than 12,000 reports of UFOs or UFO-related activity, Blue Book investigators determined that UFO sightings were mostly the result of either misidentified terrestrial objects or aircraft, mass hysteria or outright hoaxes (although some 700 reports remain unexplained).

The series is said to take place between 1947 and 1970, meaning it may incorporate Blue Book's predecessors, Project Sign (1947) and Project Grudge (1948). Of course, there are those who believe that all the Air Force's efforts in this area were part of one gigantic cover-up, so it will be interesting to see which direction the series takes if it gets on the air.

Zemeckis made, to my thinking, one of the two or three great first contact movies of all time in 1997 with Contact, so he certainly brings some expertise to this well-worn sci-fi subgenre. Do you think a serious look at Project Blue Book is great material for a TV series? Which angle would you like to see it take?