Robert Downey Jr. introduces explosive Sherlock Holmes 2 trailer

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Krystal Clark
Dec 15, 2012

Sherlock Holmes is back to his old tricks again. Watch Robert Downey Jr. (sporting Tony Stark's goatee) personally introduce the new trailer for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

Sherlock and his dear Watson (Jude Law) are back in a new adventure that has them chasing Professor Moriarty. If you remember the first film, he was the elusive figure that was knee-deep in Holmes' troubles. In the sequel he's finally given a face, and he's none other than Jared Harris, aka the guy who plays a villain in everything!

Swedish actress Noomi Rapace (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) co-stars in the film as a fortune teller whose fortune is about to run out. The trailer is filled with the usual Holmes antics, which plays off the amazing chemistry between Downey and Law.

Even if you weren't a fan of the first movie, you have to admit that the casting of these two actors is gold. We can't wait to see how Rapace and Harris mesh with the duo.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows will hit theaters just in time for the holidays on Dec. 16.

What do you think of the trailer? Are you interested in the sequel?

(via Bleeding Cool)

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