Robert Pattinson says he'd play Jar Jar in new Star Wars. Really.

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Jan 14, 2013, 1:38 PM EST

The Twilight franchise has seen its final film released. For Robert Pattinson, the question of what comes next is hard to ignore. When asked if he'd want to be in the new Star Wars films, he wisely said yes. What he said next, however, was a little less wise.

In a recent interview, Pattinson, when asked about being in Star Wars, unsurprisingly, responded, "In Star Wars? Oh, absolutely. In a heartbeat." That's natural. Our collective grandmothers would probably all say yes to a shot at the best-known space opera of all time.

What no one might have anticipated, however, was that Pattinson would be willing to play the most hated character of them all—Jar Jar Binks! That was the question put to the former sparkling vampire—would you be in Star Wars even if you had to play Jar Jar, to which he answered, and this is true, "I actually kind of like Jar Jar. I don't understand what the big deal is about Jar Jar."

So if you were wondering who other than George Lucas likes the CGI monstrosity that is Mr. Binks, we now have our answer. Robert Pattinson and the infamous Gungan might just be a match made in Lucasfilm heaven.

(via Comic Book Movie)