Roberto Orci responds to Zachary Quinto's Star Trek 3 shooting reveal

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Jul 22, 2013

Star Trek writer Roberto Orci has decided to shed some light on that itsy-bitsy rumor that Star Trek 3 would shoot next year.

In the wake of Mr. Spock himself, actor Zachary Quinto (American Horror Story), spilling of the beans that Star Trek 3 should start shooting in 2014—hopefully with J.J. Abrams back at the Enterprise’s helm despite the busy director’s current involvement with Star Wars: Episode VII—Bob Orci has decided to respond to those rumors.

Speaking to Zap2It, which caught up with the Star Trek Into Darkness scribe and co-producer at Comic-Con, Orci had this to say about shooting the next Trek film and Quinto's statement:

"I'd love to have J.J. back. We're still talking to Paramount about what the scheduling might be and if we can all do it together again, but yeah I read that too and I was like, 'Whoa, does [Quinto] know something I don't? I'd better call him.' He owes me a call."

Does that mean that the next Star Trek film won’t shoot in 2014 as Quinto reported? Could be. In the meanwhile, Mr. Quinto, please give a call to Roberto Orci if he hasn't called you yet? Thanks!

(Zap2It via Trek Web)

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