Roberto Orci: Trek 2 will react to your criticism of the 1st film

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Dec 14, 2012

In 2009, J.J. Abrams' thrilling Star Trek reboot drew positive reactions from critics and fans alike, but the film wasn't perfect and there were some issues that bugged fans down the line. But writer Roberto Orci promises that he's listening to them and that they will be addressed in the upcoming sequel.

Speaking at Wonder Con over the weekend, Orci revealed that having spent time reading fan criticism of the first film (in fact, Orci was a frequent participant in those heated discussions over at Trek Movie while the film was playing in theaters) was beneficial to his thought process for the upcoming sequel, and that he plans to address some of the pesky issues that arose in the first Star Trek film.

As an example, Orci addressed the general fan complaints that Kirk (Chris Pine) became captain of the Enterprise a little too fast for their taste. As you may recall, Kirk conveniently became first officer when Capt. Pike (Bruce Greenwood) had to go over the Narada—when Kirk wasn't even a member of the Enterprise crew in the first place—and then de facto captain when Spock (Zachary Quinto) was relieved of his command in a matter of what could be guessed were mere hours. Kirk was then offered official command of the Enterprise soon after.

Roberto Orci hypothesized a situation where a character goes up to Kirk and says, "You sure became captain fast!"

"I do see what fans think online, very much in Star Trek, it is a sequel that you can genuinely say that the fans are consultants on. Now they're caught up with us, they know exactly what the first movie was, and any one of them could go out now and generate a couple of story ideas for what this could be. So it's a fun guessing game, and you do get to incorporate some of the complaints; you cannot just answer them, but voice them in the movie. I enjoy that - I enjoy seeing what people say, even if it's super nasty."

(via Cinema Blend)

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