Robin Hood's Taron Egerton

Robin Hood cast say the film attempts 'to make Robin a superhero'

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Oct 19, 2018, 2:49 PM EDT

The upcoming Robin Hood — the latest in a long, long, series of remakes, reboots, and reimaginings of the mythical outlaw — has faced plenty of scrutiny and criticism for its modern feel and anachronistic costume and weaponry decisions. But that all makes sense after learning a bit more about the tonal touchstones of the film, because it seems that everyone involved was keen on making the leader of the Merry Men a bow-wielding superhero.

At least, that’s what it sounds like from Total Film’s interviews with the cast. The Taron Egerton-starring take released a CGI-heavy trailer from director Otto Bathurst to mixed reception, but maybe that’s because we’re all expecting the wrong thing.

“I think what we tried to do, to make this one different, is reach a younger audience that are used to playing video games and watching superhero films,” said Eve Hewson, who plays the film’s Maid Marian. “We tried to make Robin a superhero in a way.” Chiming in with a similar sentiment is Hood’s portrayer.

“Audiences forget quickly,” Egerton said of Robin Hood’s quick turnaround from the Russell Crowe version. “Just look at Spider-Man. We’ve tried to make a myth feel like something that resonates with an audience that are so thirsty and hungry for high-octane superhero fare.” Seeing that Egerton didn’t even want to play Robin at first (he initially replied “No” to an email gauging his interest), perhaps it needed to be this out-of-the-box to even attract the talent on board.

It’s not like co-star Jamie Foxx is a stranger to the CGI antics of superpowers. But even he was stunned by the wild weirdness of the film, saying that the opening scene will have moviegoers asking “What the f*** am I watching?” Fans have definitely experienced that sensation with certain superhero fare before, but probably not with as much medieval tax drama.

Robin Hood hits theaters on Nov. 21.