Robocalypse update: Japan holds first robot marathon

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Dec 14, 2012

We've seen computers that can out-quiz-show humanity's best. Now Japan is putting a series of robots through endurance trials. There are lots of ways this could end for us—few of them are good.

To be fair, the five androids competing in Robo Mara Full, the 26-mile marathon in Osaka, Japan, sponsored and organized by Vstone—a company specializing in robot design—are only knee-high. And they're even cute as they stumble around the track, as seen in this (unfortunately non-embeddable) video, some of them righting themselves after they fall.

But the organizers of this marathon say that the point of this 423-lap race isn't to see which battery-powered robot is the fastest, but to see which can withstand the most wear and tear.

As I say, this will not end well.

(via BBC and Boston Globe)

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