RoboCop vs. Batman -- new movie cast weighs in

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Feb 13, 2014, 4:08 PM EST (Updated)

Batman is (kind of) in the new RoboCop movie, so you knew this question was inevitable.

Is there a statute of limitations on who people think Batman could get into a scuffle with? Nah, probably not. In fairness, he is a vigilante who, just in case, makes it a point to know how to exploit the weaknesses of all his allies. Given that, it's not all that surprising that even the heroes sometimes want to throw a punch at the Dark Knight.

Add to the mix the following -- one of the stars of the new RoboCop is none other than Tim Burton's original movie Batman, Michael Keaton. So of course geeks want to know who would win in that fight -- Batman or RoboCop. Here's the full video, but we'll parse the details below.


The short version is that new Alex Murphy, Joel Kinnaman, thinks it wouldn't be a contest, saying,  "He's a cool guy, cool guy with a lot of gadgets -- but Batman wouldn't stand a chance. It's the same thing with Batman and Superman. He doesn't stand a chance."

Oof! Meanwhile, Kinnaman's co-star, Abbie Cornish, confesses, "How can you not go with Batman?"

As for Keaton, well, if you watch his body language in the interview, he does NOT want to talk Batman, so the question is never asked directly. There is a comparison made between costumes, though, where Keaton says his Batman costume is a "man's costume" that was "glued to my body," whereas Kinnaman's is "like an entire city" with "air conditioning" and "bowling alleys for the kiddies." He even goes so far as calling the suit Kinnaman had to wear an "8-year-old girl suit."

Having never had to stuff myself into latex body armor, I can't really relate. But so far as this Batman vs. Robocop business goes? Let's just say I'm pretty sure RoboCop's primary objectives are

  1. Protect the Innocent
  2. Serve the Public Trust
  3. Uphold the Law
  4. Don't $#@% with Batman

But you should feel free to argue your own case.

(via Comic Book Movie)