Robopocalypse's Daniel Wilson launches survival horror app you play with your voice

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Jan 7, 2015, 4:20 PM EST

Robopocalypse author Daniel Wilson's hit parade of projects keeps on marching, with his Robogenesis sequel out last summer, a writing gig on DC's Earth 2: World's End and the recent announcement of Alpha, a sci-fi survival screenplay optioned by Brad Pitt's Plan B.  

Now the prolific roboticist has set his sights on the app world with the announcement of Mayday! Deep Space, an innovative new playable iOS app in which gamers answer mysterious S.O.S. calls from outer space.  Wilson has joined forces with Portland game design studio Mountain Machine to create this playable sci-fi story for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, harnessing the latest hardware from Apple to enable seamless speech recognition.

Mayday! Deep Space begins when a player literally answers a distress call from a lone survivor aboard a derelict spaceship.  Players utilize voice commands to rescue the imperiled astronaut from virus-infected crew members.  Over five levels of increasing mayhem, gamers discover the terrible secret behind exactly what happened to the crew of the USS Appaloosa -- only to be shocked in the story's final moments with an unforgettable twist.  It's part audiobook, part videogame, employing a unique game mechanic to take players on a thrilling, frightening voyage to the edge of science fiction -- if they dare to answer the call.

"I've been worked on this for a year and a half in my free time and I'm really excited for its release," said Wilson.  "Using speech recognition pushes the player into a really unique experience. I intentionally built this around speech recognition because I hoped it would create an intimate emotional reality.  My goal for Mayday! was to create a story you can play, and when you get to the twist at the end, you get goosebumps.  Writing it was a lot like writing a comic book script.  I was inspired from watching the movie Aliens, when Gorman is in the APC observing his colonial marines getting slaughtered by the xenomorphs on a bank of monitors.  So in the game you'll be looking at the ship diagnostics and blueprints and give commands to a person on the ground and he's totally depending on your voice to survive.  Mountain Machine did an amazing job with all the art, music and a great speech recogntion interface that's utterly unique.  In this game, the story is the reward."

The app features the vocal talents of Osric Chua (Supernatural, 2012) as well as Bitsie Tulloch and Claire Coffee of NBC's GrimmMayday! Deep Space is available for $2.99 at the App Store.  Does this trippy sci-fi Apple app sound like something you'll get on board?