Robot dinosaur at large in Mexico!

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Dec 14, 2012

In a turn of events that makes the car-eating threat of Professor Frink's Truck-o-saurus on The Simpsons seem small, startled museum staff in Guadalajara report that a robot dinosaur has been stolen from a museum exhibit, according to the BBC.

The cybernetic prehistoric terror, which is almost a towering five feet in height, went AWOL on Friday from an exhibit based upon the popular show Walking With Dinosaurs. Trying to maintain a veneer of calm, museum spokeswoman Karla Arroyo admits, "How it happened, we don't know," with regard to the saurian's disappearance.

While the prospect of a robot dinosaur in the hands of a band of criminals is daunting, there is no word as yet regarding any tightening of security along the U.S./Mexico border, or whether Chuck Norris has been mobilized to face the mechanical monster in a totally awesome one-on-one showdown in the desert.

What measures should be undertaken to neutralize this reptilian menace?

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