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Rock out with this exclusive look at Dynamite's new KISS: Blood and Stardust #1

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Oct 23, 2018, 6:27 PM EDT

Back in July we brought you some spandex-clad news that Dynamite Comics would be delivering a bold, hotter-than-hell horror series this fall starring the World's Greatest Rock Stars and presented a rowdy roster of kickass covers to behold.

Now SYFY WIRE has an exclusive look at the brash interiors of KISS: Blood and Stardust #1, showcasing the talented creative team of writer Bryan Hill (Aphrodite V, Postal) and artist Rodney Buchemi (Death of Hawkman).

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This hardcore horror fable finds the kabuki makeup-wearing glam rockers clashing with a crazy crew of fanged immortals, and it's up to a dead Paul, Gene, Ace, and Peter to make a resurrection deal with a sly demon to save their souls and rescue the world.

Hill hoped to inject this fantastic story of how KISS encounters the exotic temptress Lilith with an explosion of "magic, terror, and power in the pages." It's injected with a sweet '70s-era swagger and a delirious dose of mystical occult notes that spotlight exactly how a legendary rock band unites to save the planet.

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"Rock and roll is about rebellion, following your inner voice, and ignoring the obstacles that stand in your way," Hill told SYFY WIRE. "In this story, it's also about darkness against evil and a band denied death so they can rescue the world. When you need a force stronger than a vampire glam rocker that wants to enslave the world with his corrupt arts, I can't think of a better option than KISS."

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Check out our exclusive 8-page preview and cover gallery below, including a star lineup of variants by Stuart Sayger (The Walking Dead), Rodney Buchemi (Legenderry Red Sonja), Maria Sanapo (DC Bombshells), and a nostalgic KISS photo cover of the band in its early days.

Dynamite Comics' KISS: Blood and Stardust #1 drops from Dynamite on Oct. 24.