This rocker could’ve played Harley Quinn in an aborted 1990s Batman film

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Jun 15, 2015

After making her debut in Batman: The Animated Series all those years ago, Harley Quinn is finally getting the live action treatment in next year’s Suicide Squad. But it almost happened a whole lot sooner.

According to a fascinating feature on aborted Batman films over at The Hollywood Reporter (seriously, go read it), former rock star Courtney Love was floated to potentially play Harley Quinn in Batman Unchained. That film, of course, was meant to follow up 1997’s Batman & Robin — until the studio pulled the plug and opted to bench the Dark Knight for a few years.

Screenwriter Mark Protosevich, who wrote a treatment for the aborted sequel, dropped that fascinating nugget with some larger notes about how the film was meant to connect the mythology from Tim Burton’s films with that of the much more terrible Joel Schumacher era. That version of Harley is described as "complex, conflicted and ultimately a good person underneath,” and she would’ve apparently started out as a villain but ended the film on a redemptive note.

Man, the 1990s, right? Though Courtney Love’s star dimmed a good bit (she still does some acting and singing) not long after the development cycle, Kurt Cobain’s famous widow (and the former Hole frontwoman) was a hot commodity for a brief period during that decade. So, while we’re psyched to see Margot Robbie bring the lovable psycho to life, just realize it could’ve happened almost two decades ago.

Do you wish this bizarro Batman film had actually been made?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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