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Rocket into Alien Day with this Xenomorph-infested video game

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Apr 24, 2018, 4:40 PM EDT (Updated)

Alien Day is creeping up on us, and this annual celebration of xenomorphs and facehuggers is now spawning Alien: Offworld Colony Simulator, the sickest digital fight for survival on Earth or anywhere else. The open beta test will launch one minute before Alien Day (that’s 11:59 ET this Wednesday for all us humans).

By the way, if you didn’t already get the reference, the date is an homage to Aliens moon LV-426.

If you dare to volunteer yourself for the beta, you’ll use the Amazon Alexa service through Alienuniverse.com to find out what it’s like to be trapped in a Weyland-Yutani Space Colony in security lockdown mode. Making your way through the colony means exploring unmarked territories whose shadows hide Ripley-knows-what. Prepare to take on missions that involve collecting flamethrowers and stun grenades, solving problems, and facing security breaches on a dark exoplanet crawling with xenomorphs.

Are you one of the brave souls so eager for this harrowing experience that you just can’t wait to get past the gates? Take the Weyland-Yutani Career Placement Test at Alienuniverse.com to find out if you have what it takes to work for the interplanetary organization and get out of that job alive.

For those who make it through the colony without getting eaten or having their chests explode, less dangerous Alien Day festivities include Zen Studios’ Aliens Pinball FX3 tournament, every film in the Alien franchise available for just $4.99 on 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s Movie of the Day app, and exclusive Alien merch found nowhere else. Compete in the tournament and you could win some far-out prizes.

There will also be an infestation of giveaways, limited-edition releases, and other alien artifacts from Dark Horse, Diamond Select, Eaglemoss, Fright Rags (which unearthed the creepiest Alien mask ever last year), Funko, Geek Fuel, Highway Pinball Limited, Mattel, Mondo, NECA, Park Agencies, Prime 1, The Loyal Subjects, Titan, Trevco, Wonderdice, and more.

You’re going to be seeing way too many teeth before it’s game over, man.

(via Dread Central)



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